FRIO NATURE S.L. specialises in the organisation and handling of temperature-controlled road transport services, with the aim of providing the best service to clients and guaranteeing the safety of the transported goods.


  • Monitor all critical points that could jeopardise the safety and security of the transported goods, ensuring they arrive safe and well.
  • Meet the requirements of both the clients and their interested parties, as well as complying with all legal requirements and regulations.
  • Continuously improve the efficiency of the Quality Management System.
  • Encourage staff to be aware of and follow good hygiene and Environmental Protection practices, as well as promote continuous improvement and development.
  • Guarantee adherence to all legal obligations related to workers’ rights and social security.
  • Our company supports sustainable development and upholds a philosophy of respect towards the environment.


  • We bear the responsibility for the security and quality of transported goods and services we offer. In other words, we ensure complete client satisfaction and contribute to consumer safety, with our ongoing commitment to growth, development, industry-leading quality and by consolidating our company’s external image.
  • As part of our responsibility to consumers, we ensure that our subcontracted fleet is in excellent condition, guaranteeing optimal quality and security of our transport services.
  • We aim to launch a growth and consolidation process, which will solidify our leading position in the sector.

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